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How to make an order

How to make an order   /  Main

1. How to make an order by e-mail.

  1. You complete an order-form.
  2. You send us completed order-form and project files. If no questions emerge, we send you the check, other case our manager will connect you immediately to clarify the point.
  3. You make a payment. The day when we receive the payment from you, we launch the order to the production line. The production term is calculated from the date when 100% of payment is received. You can accelerate the launch by sending us an e-mail or fax of payment order copy.
  4. The product is shipping in package by the way, which is declared in the order-form.

Check payment and order launch.

  • non-cash payment.
  • cash payment is possible (as an enterprise or individual) through the Sberbank of RF (Saving Bank of RF)


  • Before you send us an order, please get acquainted with the rules of order registration for PCB production, with our technology abilities, requirement to the PCB project . If you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Accurately filled blank will save time, consequently will accelerate the order launch.
  • We appreciate any additional information you provide us with in the letter, especial in case of deviation of the project from our standard options.
  • Super express orders go to the production immediately as soon as file processing and all preparatory work is finished, without order payment receiving. So if you are not ready to accept an order, please inform us as soon as possible, to prevent its production..
  • Please, indicate the contact information for immediate communication.

Quality acceptance of the product

  • the customer is responsible to examine final production on quality and quantity correspondence of the product in 10 days since the order has been received.
  • If any questions towards quality satisfaction appear, do not hesitate to refer to your manager for immediate communication.
  • If you have found out inconsistency of the documentation and final production received you need:
    • to report us immediately
    • to support the report with information, which proves inconsistency (to make an accurate description of the problem in the letter form or claim report, with standard violation pointed, and images of the defect attached).
    • If the the product has to be remake, you have to return us the product.
    • If you are going to use the product in spite of the defect, we are unable to remake it, but would like you to inform with the content of the claim, for future prevention of the defect.

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