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Prototype PCB production.

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Prototype PCB production.

Even the most bright among developers can err in PCB projecting. It is mostly evident in the case of new complex PCB development. Anyway during the project developing process some small, not important on the first sight, acceptances, which may cause mistakes in future device functioning, appear. As the result many days of hard work turn to disappointment. Usually smart developers delete any possible mistake before mass production launch with the help of prototype method.

The advantage of prototype production is time and resource saving. The value of the prototype is that it is an elaborate model of a new device, adjusted with technological requirements, it is a device, which has already revealed some peculiarities of scheme and is adopted to the requirements of mass production, that is more time and labor consuming comparing to prototype production.

Currently, our professional approach and services allows us to coach your device from the first developing step till the moment it is launched to mass production. The prototype order is manufactured on the same equipment, with the same technology implementation as the batch production, this provides with equal quality and standards of the orders. The minimal volume of the order is one circuit. If the quantity of one titled PCB, needed for production, fits one PCB panel, we consider it as a standard order (trial batch) of one panel production. There is no repeated prototype order, because the photomask for initial order is not saved, as prototype orders are differently compiled on one panel and consequently the combination differs each time. In case of shifting prototype order to mass production, which means the transmission of the order of one title on standard panel , we provide you a discount of 50% per production preparation costs.

Basic options for prototype production:

Layer quantity:< 6

Order volume: from one circuit

Class of complexity: Class A (typical process)

Materials used: FR-4

Foil thickness, um: 18, 35

Circuit thickness, mm:

  • Single-and double-sided PCB 1.0, 1.5, 2.0
  • Multilayer PCB from 1.0 t 2.0

Maximum size:

  • Single-and double-sided PCB: 428x283mm
  • Multilayer PCB: 413x273mm

Minimum diameter for plating hole, mm: 0,4 (6:1)

Conductor/gap minimum, mm: 0.2

Final finish:

Solder mask: liquid solder mask, green color

Legend: single-and double-sided, white


  • contour routing
  • v-cut (v-score)


  • Visual (100%)
  • Optical (AOI) Orion
  • Electrical Testing (Fly-probe ATG,EMMA)

Inspection and formal acceptance:

  • Russian standards - GOST 23752-79, GOST 23751-86 3-5 class accuracy.
  • IPC-A-600 Class II-III, Mil-Spec available


Prototype PCB pricing

Prices are in RUB , VAT is not taken account of 22.11.2010

File processing

File processing of one title of PCB: 450 rub

Photomask on one layer ;270 rub

Legend for one side (photomask + stencil ): 540 rub

Electric control: 250 rub

Extra payment for file processing of different PCB titles unite on the one panel: 450 rub for each unit

PCB production

Single sided PCB: 152 rub/dm2

Double-sided PCB: 190 rub/dm2

four layer PCB with electric control: 579 rub/dm2

Six layer PCB with electric control: 870 rub/dm2

Solder mask (two sides, green): 24 rub/dm2

Legend (one side): 6,5 rub/dm2

v-cutting and counter routing: 1,3 rub/per leaner dm

Gold Finger : 25rub/per one connector + 0,05 rub/mm2 per gold cover

Single-and double-sided PCB electric control: 32,5 rub/dm2

  • In case of production double-sided PCB with the thickness of material of 2 mm (35 um) the price of the order increases in 5%;
  • In case of shifting prototype order to mass production, which means the transmission of the order of one title on standard panel , we provide you a discount of 50% per production preparation costs

Terms of prototype production

Single-and double-sided PCB: to 5 calendar days

MLB: to 10 calendar days


The term of preparatory process is not considered

The delivery term is not considered


Additionally:Prototype order as a trial version of PCB for the development of new PCB project.

You can receive any kind of technical and organizational consultation by making a call to our office or sending an e-mail with your question. Don't hesitate to contact us, especially in case of projecting new PCB or if you are going to set more strict parameters, than usually. You are always welcomed in our office and we appreciate cooperation with our high professional personal in resolution of the problem and limitation.


You can evaluate your order with the help of our price list or by on-line calculator PCB. To receive more accurate calculation you can send us your files and project description in our order-form , with quantity and terms declared, by e-mail .

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