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"Electroconnect" PCB plant is equipped with high technological facilities and offers production from single PCB to large batch on its own manufacturing capabilities.

Working directly with producer, you gain quality guarantee , control over the terms of delivery, professional consulting, whenever it is needed, and flexible approach from our side.

We can offer you PCBs of any complexity class and of almost any type: prototypes/>prototype order and batch of PCBs, one-, double sided Multilayer PCB made of common materials such as FR4, and made of aluminum, ceramics and microwave substrate material, we also work on non-standard PCB types.

At the present day we can offer you the following options of PCB production:

  • PCB prototype production - PCB prototype production (1-2 experimental samples with a total volume less than PCB plate). It is a perfect solution in case of testing your newly developed product before mass production.

  • Mass production PCB - Batch production is mass production of one PCB title. All files and photomask are stored in the archive as a confidential information after production, so that you can repeat your order without new process of preparation. Batch production is directed on long-term projects and offers beneficial price options, and quality standards.

Terms of manufacturing*

Single-and double-sided PCB

Multilayer PCB

"Super express"
2-3 days of production
4-5 days of production
7 days of production
10-12 days of production
14 days of production
20 days of production
* The delivery terms are not included and depend on destination of the order.
  • Non standard PCB production - The capacity of our enterprise and flexible interaction with our customer afford us to complete the most sophisticated order. The price and terms of execution of the order in case of non-standard requirements can vary in each particular occasion.

Quality guarantee system

  • Technological and design control over the files before the launch of the order to the production line.
  • 100% visual and optical control (AOI) PCB after key operations.
  • Cooper plating quality inspection of the through-holes by microsection and test coupon
  • Type examination procedures in accordance with third group of performance standards each 6 month.

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