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Among our services one of the most important is PCB assembly. Our PCB assembly abilities afford us to mount either single PCB or a large batch and also to provide you with necessary package.

The SMD montage, based on high precision installation MYDATA MY-9 (Sweden) enables to mount on the surface of PCB any existing components.

Our high experienced professionals work on combined montage of the components by pin assembly as well as SMD.

The large spectrum of assembly technology is a key option for montage of any complexity type on a high quality level.

The technical support and consulting of our specialists is an indivisible service package, which we are always ready to provide with our customers.

You can trust us all organizational question, which are time consuming, and request the full service package in one check including PCB production, packing list, assembly and delivery.

All this provides you with a very convenient option of making an order, controlling the process of its development till the final stage of its delivery and stay in your office at the same time.

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