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Flexible PCB production

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Flexible PCB production

Flexible PCBs are made of flexible material with or without protective cover. A flexible circuit has a multilayer structure , including cover film, cover film adhesive, conductor cooper foil, adhesive layer of laminate, base film. It is possible to use material without adhesive layer in some cases.

Flexible <b>PCB</b>

The main purpose of flexible PCB exploitation is to use it as connector, with a random arrangement of conductors between different parts of electronic devices, made on the base of rigid PCBs, as a cable connection substitute. Furthermore, flexible PCBs afford to produce inductors, antennas and etc. Flexible PCB is an opportunity to create unique constructions, which allow to solve the problem of inter-system connection and montage, providing flexibility of this system. The technology of flexible PCB offers large scale of vital decisions, among which the most promising is the creation of spatial patterns of interconnections.

Advantages and benefits:


Flexible circuits are customized specifically for fixed connection point, the production of products and customer installation operations have repeatability, reproducibility, it is easy to install and reduce the cost of installation errors etc. 。

Space and Weight Saving

Contrast to the same design of the PCB or wiring harness applications, can save up to 60% of the weight and space for the end products more closely, lightweight and clean the inner connection scheme 。


The flexibility and decreased weight allows the flex circuit to absorb and reduce impact of the vibration to itself as well as any joints associated in connection

Bending Cycles

FPC's own soft performance of the overall circuit three-dimensional design may reduce the unnecessary costs within the connection, while the number of bending up to 200 thousands to cycles with standard materials.

Harsh environments

Flexible circuit materials and design with waterproof moisture-proof, shock proof oil, high temperature corrosion-resistant properties, suitable for harsh operating environment


Basic options for flexible PCB production:

Materials used:

  • polyimide film non-adhesive DuPont 8525 R 18/50/18
  • adhesive polyimide film DuPont LF 8515 18/25/18
  • Cover film DuPont LF0120 25/50/0

Maximum size: 410 270

Class of complexity:


Final finish:

Solder mask:

  • on request


  • one- two sided, color: white, black


  • counter routing


  • Visual (100%)
  • Optical (AOI) Orion

Quality inspection and formal acceptance:

  • GOST ISO 9001-2001, GOST RV 15.002-2003
  • IPC-A-600 Class II-III, Mil-Spec available


Prices for processing the flexible PCB:

  • on request


The price on flexible PCB production can vary depending on types of materials used, its thickness, foil thickness, the quantity of holes, PCB size, complexity and accuracy class. To simplify the process of understanding of the cost of your order, we offer you to send us you request or project by e-mail and you will receive accurate calculation.


You can receive any kind of technical and organizational consultation by making a call to our office or sending an e-mail with your question. Don't hesitate to contact us, especially in case of projecting new PCB or if you are going to set more strict parameters, than usually. You are always welcomed in our office and we appreciate cooperation with our high professional personal in resolution of the problem and limitation.


You can evaluate your order with the help of our price list or by on-line calculator PCB. To receive more accurate calculation you can send us your files and project description in our order-form , with quantity and terms declared, by e-mail .

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